Thursday, 16 October 2014

my trip to Ambury Farm

Friday 15 of August we went to Ambury farm. We went into the hall and sat on the ground, In our class we sat in groups. In my group was Courtney,Von,Saveu, Jt, Samiuela, Seuati. Our teacher was Mrs Anna, she Then we got ready to go on the bus I sat by Maila on the bus . When we got to ambury farm we got off the bus and walk in groups to the food court where room 6,7 were. We stand in lines and wait for Miss Coraline. When Miss Caroline came we went silent. We had morning tea then we split in two group one went in the barn and one stay outside and did something I don’t know what they did. In the barn we played a game then we went outside and then we went and explore the sheep and then we went watch miss Jersey shave  the sheep's poo off the sheep's bottom. We looked at the cow getting feed and milked while the cow was getting feed and milked we went up the stairs and touch the cow and Mr Cokaly take a photo of us when we touch the cow. In this photo is me and Kalo by the beach in Ambury Farm.

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